Full list of all the main quests in Hogwarts Legacy

By Fariha Bhatti


May 8, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to live their magical dreams in a virtual setting that expands beyond missions and quests. But, in order to progress, you need to complete all main quests in Hogwarts Legacy. 

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can embark on various quests and adventures throughout the game. These missions involve attending classes, learning spells and potions, uncovering mysteries hidden within the wizarding world, and engaging in magical combat against dark forces.

Players can also interact with other characters and make choices that impact the storyline. Despite the different choices, the plot and missions remain more or less the same for all. 

All the main quests in Hogwarts Legacy

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There are a total of 43 main missions in Hogwarts Legacy. The great thing is that the game doesn’t just end there. You can go back and complete side missions after progressing to the very last The House Cup quest. 

If you’re new to Hogwarts Legacy and want to skip over side quests and focus on what’s important, keep reading.

  • The Path To Hogwarts 
  • Welcome To Hogwarts
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts Class
  • In The Shadow Of The Undercroft
  • Charms Class
  • Weasley After Class
  • Welcome To Hogsmeade
  • The Locket’s Secret
  • Secrets Of The Restricted Section
  • Tomes & Tribulations
  • Flying Class 
  • Potions Class 
  • The Girl from Uagadou
  • House-Specific Mission 
  • Trials of Merlin
  • Jackdaw’s Rest
  • The Map Chamber
  • Percival Rackham’s Trial
  • Herbology
  • The Helm of Urtkot
  • Beasts Class
  • Room of Requirement
  • The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament
  • Lodgok’s Loyalty
  • In The Shadow Of The Estate
  • Astronomy
  • It’s All Gobbledegook
  • Back On The Path
  • Charles Rookwood’s Trial
  • Fire & Vice
  • The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and The Loom
  • In the Shadow of the Mountain
  • The Headmistress Speaks
  • The Polyjuice Plot
  • Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial
  • Wand Mastery
  • In The Shadow Of The Mine
  • The High Keep
  • San Bakar’s Trial
  • The Final Repository
  • In The Shadow of Revelation
  • Weasley’s Watchful Eye
  • The House Cup 

This wraps up our list of all the missions in Hogwarts Legacy.