These 3 gangs could make a comeback in Saints Row 2022

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 18, 2022

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Saints Row is all about taking on rival gangs and moving up the ladder, but will the 2022 reboot bring back old favorites?

For players unfamiliar with the series, Saints Row has a surprisingly deep story. Many of the best side stories and characters come from the gangs that the Saints fight on their way to the top. Rival gangs also have a significant impact on the story, altering the crew permanently by occasionally killing off cast members. With Saints Row 2022 just a few months away, these are the three gangs most likely to appear in the streets of Santo Ileso.

The Deckers are too easy to bring to the new Saints Row

The Deckers are a gang of hackers who have assembled to form a real-life crime syndicate. Led by computer wiz Matt Miller, the Deckers appear as a rival gang in The Third. The gang is easily recognized by their blue and black clothes, neon lighting, and penchant for submachine guns. The Saints have to turn into data to fight against the cyber savants before finally quashing the rivalry.

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The Deckers are easy to update in 2022, but the technology gimmick may fall too much in line with the player characters. The early trailers show the new Saints using advanced technology to plan their heists, and it makes sense that confirmed gangs will do the same. If they don’t appear, British-accented quips from the Deckers’ leader would be sorely missed.

The Ronin could be a yakuza rival for the Saints

The Ronin served as the motorcycle gang of Saints Row 2, peddling drugs and illicit services in Stilwater. Underboss Jyunichi left a permanent mark on The Saints by murdering Johnny Gat’s girlfriend Aisha and almost killing Gat himself in the process. The entire rivalry ends with one of the most climactic boss fights in the franchise’s history.

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If the Ronin returns as one of the gangs in Saints Row, it will probably get a total rework to fit in with the sensibilities of 2022. Saints Row has never had a convincing yakuza equivalent and a revamped Ronin gang would be the best way to introduce one. The confirmed storyline of the Saints going up against the nightlife gang Idol is the perfect way to tie The Ronin in.

Will Saints Row mainstay Los Carnales appear in 2022?

The Los Carnales, as they are commonly misnomered in the series, are one of the first gangs in the original Saints Row. The Saints themselves can even trace their roots back to Los Carnales, which is part of why they consistently appear in the original games. Even though the new game is a reboot and notably a break in canon, it would be a shame not to include the very first opponents of the series.

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While Los Carnales are a constant sight throughout the series, it seems like they’ve been effectively replaced with one of the new gangs called Los Panteros. Panteros also takes inspiration from The Brotherhood with an emphasis on cars and bodybuilding. While Los Carnales may not appear in any official form, their signature red color scheme or iconic one-eyed boss Angelo could make a cameo.


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