SAG-Aftra authorizes strike against video games companies

By Melany Moncada


Sep 29, 2023

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SAG-AFTRA confirmed that no deal has been reached with the video game studios. The union is preparing to go on strike if the desired agreement is not settled.

Earlier this month, SAG-AFTRA members voted to authorize a strike against the major video game studios. The union, which protects performers in the video game industry, is looking for a new Interactive Media Agreement.

The goal is to improve the current conditions for performers, ensuring the presence of medical experts on set. Perhaps the most important demand on SAG-AFTRA’s list is the protection against the use of AI. A new deal will prevent video game studios from using AI to generate voices and other types of performances.

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SAG-AFTRA is ready to go on strike if a new deal is not set in place. However, it might not get to that.

After 148 days, the WGA strike came to an end after finishing negotiations with the AMTPT. Writers are finally back at work, ready to resume productions as soon as actors are allowed to work. SAG-AFTRA is yet to complete negotiations with the AMTPT, and the parts are set to resume conversations soon.

Video Game performers to go on Strike

Whether the performers go on strike or not depends on the studios entirely.

In the past months, the entertainment industry has felt the consequences of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike. It is estimated that in 148 days of the strike, the state of California lost $5 billion.

While a shutdown in the video game industry won’t cause losses on the same scale, studios can expect to lose millions if SAG-AFTRA decides to go on strike. New releases will certainly be delayed.

These are unprecedented times for worker unions across the United States. As the cost of living increases and the living conditions worsen, more groups are choosing to unionize.