s1mple shows off a cool new bench boost for Mirage’s B site

By Nick Johnson


Aug 17, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

It’s sometimes hard to take aggressive positions on Mirage, but Natus Vincere’s Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev showed off a neat boost that serves as an easy way to get an early heads up on a Mirage B rush.

The boost that s1mple shows off here is a clever way to get eyes into the B site apartments without the defending CTs taking up any of the usual positions. But there are some risks that come along with s1mple’s boost. With both of the B site’s CT players at bench, the odd angle leaves the B site and its defenders susceptible to quick rushes. On top of that, whichever player is boosted is open to flashes thrown over the apartments, making the boost at least somewhat risky.

Out of all of CSGO’s competitive maps, Mirage might be the one with the fewest spots that players can boost effectively boost to, meaning that CTs generally lack options to take attacking players by surprise. That makes any novel positions and boosts solid options for CT players looking to catch the T side unaware. s1mple’s boost is no exception, and since it is rarely used, attackers can be taken off guard by the bench boost’s different angle.

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With the boost, CT players get a pretty deep line of sight into the B apartments without the usual risk of a duel from the site’s typical angles. That said, this may be a one-time use during a game. Once the CTs used the boost once, Ts will be on the lookout for it. That means that the boost is effective in limited situations, but those situations could prove to be the one or two extra rounds that the CT side needs for the win.

If the CTs have rifle support on B, the standard van or plat setup might be a better option, especially with smokes and molotovs to fend off the classic B site rush.

Players probably shouldn’t use this boost on a full gun round, but rather with a saved AWP or the hero sniper setup. This boost is a solid way to put the CT team in an advantageous situation when they otherwise lack the utility needed to properly defend B through more traditional means.


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