s1mple leaves Valve on read regarding break from CS2

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

CS2 just isn’t good enough for Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev, and Valve just can’t seem to understand why.

The release of CS2 has been rocky, to say the least. Between Michael Jackson peeks running rampant and community control fixes getting squashed mid-tournament, reception among both casuals and pros is mixed at best. Chief among critics is Natus Vincere AWPer s1mple, who went so far as to go on break for the game’s first major LAN.

Now CS2’s developer has reached out to learn about his opinions, and the superstar decided things were better left unsaid.

The altercation began at IEM Sydney with Natus Vincere announcing that s1mple would not be playing at the event. While no official reason was stated, it’s clear that the GOAT of CSGO was essentially protesting the poor state of the game. As the game’s most recognizable player, it makes sense for Valve to notice his absence and attempt to get him back in the server.

In a recent stream, s1mple claims that Valve itself reached out to him for advice on how to fix the game. His response? Literally nothing.

s1mple shuts down Valve over CS2 problems

In the stream, s1mple explained that Valve responded to one of his tweets by personally messaging him to ask about the problem. The player was offended by the question that he simply refused to answer.

“They write me on Twitter and they ask me… ‘What are the issues?’ You know what I did? I never answered them back. How can you ask me ‘What’s the issue?’ if the f—ing whole internet, whole Twitter writing about issues,” he said.

To Valve’s credit, s1mple has been less than specific regarding his problems with CS2. The various issues with subtick, hit registration, and corner-breaking kills are likely the culprit. He has also previously expressed frustration with the game’s movement.

With so many problems plaguing both s1mple and his fellow pro players, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that he would let the devs figure it out themselves.