s1mple leaks location of next CSGO major in video with Neymar

Steven Rondina • November 3, 08:22

Details have been scarce regarding the next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major, but a big detail may have just been leaked.

According to Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, the next major will take place in Brazil. The Natus Vincere star let it slip during an Instagram video with soccer star Neymar.

“There’s some info, that next major will be in Brazil. I hope you will go and enjoy it,” s1mple said.

Though the interaction between two of the top stars of CSGO and soccer was neat on its own, s1mple dropped a huge bit of news there. If true, this would be the first CSGO major to take place outside of Europe and North America.

There has been no other chatter regarding where the CSGO major will take place and no other details were given beyond it being held in Brazil. It is unknown what tournament organizer would be hosting it, or what specific city it would take place in.

Brazil a potential host for next CSGO major

Brazil hasn’t been a frequent destination for Counter-Strike events, but it certainly has a lot of history in the game. The country has consistently fielded some of the best CSGO teams, including the 2016 SK Gaming and 2017 Luminosity Gaming. Many prior teams competed at a high level in the original Counter-Strike dating back over a decade ago.

The country has also hosted a fair number of prominent events including recent ones like BLAST Pro Series: São Paulo and DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro. But a CSGO major taking place on Brazilian shores would be the largest esports event in the country’s history.

Of course, it is still unclear whether the next CSGO major will actually take place there. While s1mple could have inside information, no esports media outlets have reported this news and Valve has not offered any comment.

Many fans and players alike would agree that Brazil deserves to have a big event take place there and the passionate Brazilian fans would make for a memorable event. Regardless of where it ultimately lands, the next CSGO major is scheduled to take place in May 2020.


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