Ryoma on Australia vs. NA LoL: “It’s a lot better here than Australia”

By Olivia Richman


Feb 9, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

100 Thieves were feeling quite confident after their win against Team Liquid yesterday. Unfortunately, that confidence didn’t translate into a victory over Immortals. The loss leaves them with an even 3-3 record.

WIN.gg sat down with Tommy “Ryoma” Lee to talk about what they need to improve on, how they think next weekend will go, and kangaroos. 

You guys beat TL yesterday. Were you expecting better results today? 

Ryoma: Not really. We were going in with the same mindset of just doing our best. Just playing the game how it’s supposed to be played. 

Yesterday, it seemed like you guys were going for a more aggressive playstyle. Why do you think that didn’t work today against Immortals? 

They just came in better prepared than Liquid did. What they did was pretty smart. They played better in-game. 

What do you think the team needs to improve on to get to the top? 

We just need to work on what we failed on today. That will be our focus heading into next week’s match. Focusing on the stuff we didn’t do today, like early game. We had a really good early game against TL, but it was a different story today. 

How are the teams in the LCS different from the teams in the Oceania region? 

It’s a lot different. Any team can play a lot of champs. In Oceania you can kind of tell how they’re going to pick. Everyone has smaller champion pools there so it’s easier to read what they’re going to do. It’s harder in America. You can’t plan out how it’s going to go as well. 

How do you prepare for that? 

It’s kind of similar. Most people will still go with their comfort, though, or better picks. You can go off of that. But sometimes it can just change. 

How long have you been in America?

Two months now. 

How does Los Angeles compare to Australia? 

It’s a lot better than Australia, League of Legends-wise. I like Australia a lot. But for League of Legends, it’s a lot better here. It’s treated more seriously.

LA itself has been pretty good. The weather has been quite different, but right now in Australia it’s not the best weather either. 

How have you been liking the food? 

I feel like I ate a lot already. In LA, they give really big portions. I don’t finish my food. The burgers in Australia are not as big, the pizzas are smaller, too. 

I’ve heard that kangaroos are considered pests in Australia. Did you ever run into any trouble with them yourself? 

In Sydney, I don’t see much. It’s mainly cities and suburbs. But I went to Brisbon one time and I saw them on the road. That was my first time seeing them on the road, jumping around. 

Do you think you could take one on?

No, there’s no way. I think they’re supposed to be really strong.

What about in League? 

Probably still no.

Who is the most talkative in-game?

I think Meteos. He normally communicates what he wants pretty well. 

What about outside the game? 

Same, Meteos as well. He’s pretty much our captain and leader. But when we’re talking outside of the game, I don’t know who the leader would be. 

Who is the most toxic? 

Nobody. Everyone is pretty friendly. The environment has been pretty good. Everything’s been pretty chill. 

Who eats the most? I’m assuming it’s not you.  

Not me. Stunt does, if I recall. 

Who has the worst taste in food? 

We’re not too picky. Everyone eats pretty standard stuff. Ssumday only eats Korean food sometimes. 

What’s your favorite food? 

Steak and pho. 

Who is the best singer? 

Maybe our coach, Joe. He’s pretty good. He’s the only one I can remember singing something. 

Can you sing? 


Who takes the longest to get ready? 

I think it’s me. I am normally pretty late. I have to work on that one. I’m just not good with time. I’m always late when we’re leaving the apartment. 

Who watches the most anime? 

I think Stunt. I watch a bit here and there, but I haven’t been watching much lately. I only watch Haikyu!!, but that was before I got to LA. I even watched it on the plane ride. 

How is the team going to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

I don’t know. I’m not sure what everyone’s relationships are but I know Cody Sun has a girlfriend. 

If you could have any pet at the team’s office, what would you prefer? 

I would like a dog actually. 

What kind?

A Pomernaion. I used to have one at home. He was pretty well behaved. He was always really dopey and slept a lot. He peed and pooed in the right places. He never barked that much, either. Except when we came back home, he’d get excited. 

How do you think your match against Dignitas will go next weekend?

I think Dignitas is a pretty good team from what I’ve seen so far. They have weaknesses, you can see them. It depends on how much we will improve. We have to work on our issues and I think we can beat them.