Riot’s Latin America League reveals its bold new rebrand for 2020

By Olivia Richman


Feb 18, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Riot’s Latin America League has a new brand identity. 

Also known as the Liga Latinoamérica, the brand refresh is meant to celebrate the recent merging of the Northern and Southern Latin American leagues with their audiences. A press release described the redesign as a way to “bridge the divide by building a passionate, united new community.” 

Taking inspiration from grafitti and streetwear, the new brand was formed by branding agency DesignStudios. After immersing themselves in Latin America’s League of Legends fandom for three weeks, the agency was able to come up with a look that matched five countries’ players and fans. The design embodies a “guerilla spirit that invites fans to make the brand their own.” 

DesignStudio’s creative director Eric Ng said they “took the client” along with them while working on the rebrand. 

“As we knew this would be a great experience for everyone, we were discovering and uncovering all of the interesting points about this project alongside one another at the same time, in real time. This early collaborative experience proved vital in shaping the strategic vision, proposition and brand pillars, which led to the refreshed visual identity work,” Ng said. 

Riot Games’ brand manager for League of Legends LATAM, Adres Cerro, felt the rebrand was a major success. He found DesignStudio’s new style to be “strategic” and “creative,” but he was also impressed with the agency’s dedication to learning more about the esports community from within. 

“The esports world is not easy to understand for outsiders, and even more when mixed with Latin American culture, but DesignStudio tackled this challenge with unparalleled passion and method. As a result, together we came up with a unique and bold brand, one that truly embodies the competitive experience Riot plans to deliver to the fans for years to come,” Cerro said. 

Latin America has made their esports fandom well known these past few years. It’s no surprise that as esports’ presence continues to grow in South America, the industry continues to look for ways to celebrate their fans and their culture and community. 

The teams competing in the Latin America League in 2020 include All Knights, Azules Esports, Furious Gaming, Infinity Esports, Isurus, Pixel Esports Club, Rainbow7, and XTEN Esports.


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