New skin bundle Tigris

Riot unveils new skin bundle Tigris for Lunar new year

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 31, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The coveted Sovereign sword will finally have a worthy rival. Valorant’s brand new skin bundle “Tigris” features a sleek melee and exciting rewards.

Riot Games is celebrating the Lunar year with a premium skin bundle. The new Tigris collection and a Lunar new year free pass should roll in soon, so players may want to prepare their wallets. The developer has officially unveiled the new skin line, and it appears to be a hit. 

Valorant’s official Twitter dropped a hype trailer for the skin line, showing off a blend of sleek and stylish designs with intricate linework along with adorable pop art touches.

Valorant’s melee collection has received tons of updates recently. After delivering heaps of long katana and sword-like knives, Riot’s recent skin lines have focused more on Karambits and Bayonets. Players have long been waiting for a melee that is just as regal and fierce as Sovereign sword, and Riot seems to have listened. 

The Tigris bundle celebrates the Lunar year just like last year’s Celestial skin collection. With its dark exterior and luminous outlines, the new bundle indeed brings something new to Valorant’s futuristic arsenal. The weapons also have Protocol-like red hues, but it’s the silver ascents that shine the most. The design is quite similar to the Sovereign bundle, but the dark color palette distinguishes it from the regal skin line. 

Tigris skin collection comes for: 

  • Shorty 
  • Spectre 
  • Phantom 
  • Operator 
  • Melee 

Along with the bundle, Riot will also release a Lunar new year reward, including a cute gun buddy and a cat spray. Players can also cop the card featuring Jett, Sage, and Neon hanging out together. 

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How much does the Lunar new year Tigris bundle cost? 

The exact cost is unknown, but the Tigris will likely be priced at 7,100 Valorant points. The video mentions a premium bundle, which has a standard cost of 1,775 per skin. Players would be able to buy the melee for 3,550 VP if released in the premium category of Valorant skins. 

When is the Tirgis bundle releasing?

Riot Games released the 2021’s Lunar new year bundle weeks after the day of celebration. However, the developer has already revealed the first look this time. So, players should expect a clean new skin collection in their Valorant stores on 1st February. The collection will likely stay for the rest of the act that ends on 28 February.