Pearl Valorant

Riot unveils new design changes to Pearl’s B site

By Fariha Bhatti


May 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Pearl has undergone small but significant changes to better accommodate the defenders on map’s B site. 

Riot often takes maps into the workshop for regular tweaks to better suit the meta. This time, it’s Pearl that would be getting some tweaks to its B site to streamline duels. Most of the site remains the same, but four small changes will transform how duels pan out on this bomb site. 

Pearl is one of the most extensive Valorant maps, but it still has choke points that put defenders in an awkward position. But that would change in Patch 6.11. 

Pearl B site changes in Valorant 

Here are the four design changes on Pearl’s B site that’d help defenders hold down the fort, as revealed by Riot Games

Firstly, defenders now get an “OP den” of their own. Previously, the screen placed in the attacker platform was overly powerful, allowing snipers to take a position and eliminate enemies from safety. Riot has changed the size of the screen pillar on B site, allowing agents to hop on their own crate and pick off the enemies. 

The attacker platform will also see some tweaks. The screen placed on the platform is now much smaller, which would force attackers to rethink their strategy before peeking. Moreover, fewer attackers can hold this deadly position at a time, which is a relief for the defenders. 

Halls will no longer cause unnecessary clutter during duels as they’re now much more spacious. There’s also a little corner for daring players to hide and hold odd angle. And finally, the tower ramp is also wider to accommodate more than one defender. 

All of these changes are aimed at making B site more defendable, but attackers will also benefit from the tweaks. In post-plant situations, the site will be easier to hold down.  

Pearl B site changes will go live on June 6 in Patch 6.11.