Riot reveals new voice lines for LoL champion Sona

By Olivia Richman


Aug 5, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Sona first arrived in League of Legends in the fall of 2010, and her age is beginning to show.

Riot Games has finally listened to the League of Legends community’s request for a Sona update after 10 years. The big change comes in the form of new voiceover work. 

Fans had complained about Sona’s voice lines in the past. She only had 15 speaking lines, with the majority of them being taunts and jokes. Some were even just music from the etwahl, the Maven of the String’s signature instrument. Players also complained to Riot that Sona still had a few lines that used the word “summoner.” This phrase has been long forgotten in League of Legends, a reference to older lore that has long been replaced in the game.

Riot revealed over 10 minutes of new voice lines and champion interactions, including:

  • Everything in harmony.
  • Oh, is the Grand General a fan? 
  • The world is cruel. Until that changes, I’ll never stop playing.
  • Keep your voice down!
  • Pick up the pace!
  • Step lively!
  • Someone’s feeling it. 
  • The temple changes and so do we. 

Sona will also be getting a new legendary skin with the arrival of the PsyOps cosmetic skin line. 

Riot may have finally decided to focus on the champion because she’s become more popular lately. The Sona-Lux bottom lane combination has been played a lot in the professional scene. MAD Lions used it to beat Origen in the LEC. Meanwhile, Team Liquid was better prepared to take down Cloud9’s Sona-Lux bot lane duo in the LCS. 

Riot has yet to announce when Sona’s updates will come to live servers. 


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