Riot reveals LoL patch 11.1 to include item adjustments, buffs

By Christian Vejvad


Dec 16, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Even though the first patch of 2021 is still weeks away, Riot is already previewing LoL patch 11.1. 

According to gameplay design director Mark “Scuffy” Yetter, the first patch of 2021 will focus on some item adjustments and buffs, and small changes to a few champions. This preseason has seen Riot focus on balancing the new item system and that will continue with patch 11.1. 

Since the patch is still weeks away, this preview is likely to change after being tested on the public beta environment (PBE). 

Runaan’s Hurricane see big changes on patch 11.1

  • Cost 3400 >> 2500 gold
  • Attack damage 25 >> 0
  • Passive bolts 40-70% >> 40% of attack damage
  • Pickaxe is replaced with Dagger in the build path

One of the most noticeable changes in the upcoming patch is for Runaan’s Hurricane. The item has been popular for many marksmen throughout 2020, but the preseason has swung it out of the meta. Riot is looking to change this by reducing the total gold cost and making it a pure attack speed item. 

Even though the item has been strong in the preseason by offering attack damage, it has been way too expensive. Champions such as Jinx and Ashe usually like to go Runaan’s Hurricane as a second item, but the high price has made it difficult in the preseason. With these changes, Runaan’s Hurricane might fit back into the meta and become a more viable option for champions that want lots of attack speed and AOE damage on top of it. 

Xayah, Qiyana, and Karma gets buffed on patch 11.1



  • E – Bladecaller, cooldown 12-8 >> 10-8 seconds
  • E – Bladecaller, mana cost 40 >> 30


  • Health regen 8.5 >> 9
  • Health regen per level 0.65 >> 0.9
  • Base attack damage 64 >> 66


  • E – Inspire, shield base 80-200 >> 80-240

To balance out the preseason better, Riot is looking to briefly buff some champions that are currently flying under players’ radar. The buffs aren’t significant, but they might help bring back these champions to a healthier state.

Xayah will see the cooldown and mana cost of her Bladecaller (E) lowered and will be able to dish out more damage in 2021. Qiyana will see some changes to her HP regen and base attack damage, which will hopefully give her a stronger laning phase. Lastly, Karma might return as a strong utility support after getting her Inspire (E) shield base buffed. 

Master Yi and Pantheon nerfed at the start of 2021

Master Yi

Master Yi

  • Q – Alpha Strike, cooldown 18-14 >> 18-16 seconds

Master Yi isn’t usually seen in professional play, but he can be an absolute terror in solo queue. He is currently sitting at a flat 50% win rate in solo queue, which is why this nerf is only marginal. Alpha Strike is his main damage option and tool for clearing the jungle, so giving it a bit more of a cooldown might slow Master Yi one-tricks enough to be more balanced in pub games.  


  • Health regen 10 >> 9
  • W – Shield Vault, empowered attack damage scaling 135-165% >> 120-165%

Riot made a lot of changes to Pantheon on patch 10.25 in an effort to return him to the top lane after being a strong support for several patches. It seems that the Unbreakable Spear was a bit too much, which is why Riot will now be toning his health regen and Shield Vault down. The changes won’t instantly kill off Pantheon from the meta, but should bring him in line with other champions in the long run.

LoL patch 11.1 is expected to hit at the start of January 2021. 

What patch is LoL on right now?

LoL is currently on its last patch of 2020, which is patch 10.25. The patch included a lot of changes to items, as well as champions. To round out the year, Riot is launching a patch 10.25b to make sure everything is in place before the Christmas holidays.