Riot reveals Battle Queens 2020 LoL event, including Nexus Blitz

By Christian Vejvad


Dec 10, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Nexus Blitz returns in the Battle Queens 2020 event, where players can earn a lot of rewards to round out the year. 

With the introduction of patch 10.25, Riot has released the new Battle Queen skin line. The new skins include cosmetics for Janna, Katarina, Qiyana, Diana, and the newest champion Rell. The patch will not only include the new skins and Rell but will also have the Battle Queens 2020 in-game event. 

The event makes it possible for players to earn special rewards through completing missions and the event pass. The event will contain special loot boxes, borders, and exclusive chromas. Players will also get the chance to rock new Battle Queens emotes, icons, ward skins, and more. 

To grind the event, Riot is bringing back Nexus Blitz for the event. The popular game mode has been missed by many fans, but now it’s finally possible to grind the high-tempo game mode again. The last time Nexus Blitz was in the game was during the Spirit Blossom event earlier in 2020, where Riot introduced a new look to the map and new in-game events. 

The Battle Queens 2020 event kicks off on December 10. 

Battle Queen rewards

What is the Battle Queens skin line in LoL?

Battle Queens is one of the newest skin lines in League of Legends. The skin line was introduced with patch 10.25, which was the last patch of 2020. Riot rarely makes completely new skin lines anymore, so Battle Queen is very special. 

Which champions are in Battle Queen?

The Battle Queen skin line consists of a total of six skins, including Janna, Katarina, Qiyana, Diana, and the newest champion Rell. The sixth skin is for Diana, who has received a prestige edition version of her Battle Queen skin. If the skin line is popular, it’s very likely that Riot will add other champions to the skin line in the future. 

Is Nexus Blitz coming back? 

Nexus Blitz is coming back for the Battle Queens 2020 event, taking place in December. The game mode will be available for a few weeks on the live servers so players can once again have fun in the highly action-packed game mode.