New Battle Queens LoL skin line revealed for Rell, Qiyana, more

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 24, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Riot has revealed a brand new skin line called Battle Queens that will likely arrive on live servers before year’s end. 

The new line will include new skins for Diana, Janna, Katarina, Qiyana, and new LoL champion Rell. The skin line was recently teased by Riot in a short video posted on social media, that included five symbols. These symbols seem to relate to the five new skins, which are all very colorful and seem to provide each champion with new in-game effects. 

The champions receiving the skins are all champions that have fallen out of favor in the meta in recent months, so new cosmetics help them back onto Summoner’s Rift. Diana will get some extra love since she is getting a prestige edition of the skin.

The newest champion Rell will also have her first skin from the Battle Queens skin line, which fits perfectly to her overall theme as a fearsome warrior from the Noxus region. 

New Battle Queens skin line coming to LoL

Battle Queen Rell

Battle Queens Rell

Battle Queen Janna

Battle Queens Janna

Battle Queen Katarina

Battle Queens Katarina

Battle Queen Qiyana

Battle Queens Qiyana

Battle Queen Diana

Battle Queens Diana

The skins will be available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) very soon and will likely hit the live servers alongside patch 10.25 on December 9. 

What are skins in LoL?

A LoL skin changes the champion’s in-game appearance. This includes champions’ aesthetics including colors, clothes, weapon design, and even visual effects. Skins are made to give players a special in-game appearance that cannot be emulated by everyone. Skins can be bought in the shop for Riot Points in different price ranges. 

Do skins affect gameplay in LoL?

Usually, skins don’t affect gameplay at all as the skins are only made to change the champion’s appearance. With that said, there are skins that change the visual effects in the game, which can make it easier or harder for enemies to see spells in certain situations. These visual effects will only very rarely have a real influence on games.

Are LoL skins bannable? 

Using skins in normal or solo queue games is not bannable, since they are sold by Riot in the shop. The only times some skins are banned is in professional games, where some skins are not allowed because of their visual effects. These skins are removed to prevent anyone from gaining an advantage through the skin. 


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