Riot reveals awesome Give Back bundle, includes Reaver skins

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has announced a fan-picked bundle that will have some of the best skins in Valorant. 

The developer has unveiled a brand new collection of weapons picked by Valorant players. The new Give Back bundle will let players get premium skins for all the most important Valorant weapons at once. This unique bundle will be available in the store starting June 22. 

Valorant is free to play, but it’s known for extravagant skins that only a few can afford to buy. While the in-game cosmetics can put a strain on your wallet, the fierce animations and vivid colors have proven to be worth the asking price for many. So far, the developer has rolled out dozens of items, but only a few managed to leave a lasting impact on players. 

On the game’s first anniversary, Riot Games decided to “give back” to the community by providing players with a chance to create their dream bundle. Voting for skins ran from June 2-7, allowing players to choose their desired guns. The options included all the most popular skin lines including Prime, Prime 2.0, Reaver, Ion, and many more. However, fans seem to have a taken a liking to the iconic Reaver skins, the vote results prove. 

The Give it Back bundle will include: 

  • Reaver Vandal 
  • Reaver Sheriff
  • Ion Operator
  • Vol 1. Spectre

Reaver Sheriff was notably supported by the players, with a pick rate of 59.7%. Vandal from the same bundle edged past Prime Phantom 2.0, with 35% of players voting in its favor. The Give Back bundle almost turned into a Reaver bundle as most players wanted Operator to win in the Sniper category. However, Ion Operator won the race with 0.1%, ultimately making it to the new collection. 

Riot hasn’t announced a price yet, but it will likely go for 7,100 Valorant Points. This one purchase should feel like a worthy investment as 50% of the proceeds from weapon skins and 100% from accessories in the Give Back Bundle will go towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, in partnership with Impact Assets. To contribute to funds, players can shop the skins from June 22 to July 8. 


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