Riot release micropatch to buff Akshan for the second time

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Akshan is still fighting to overcome terrible win rates after his release and Riot has released another micropatch to help him out. 

After his release about a week ago, Akshan has struggled on the solo queue ladder which has resulted in some very low win rates. While Akshan is being played in three different roles, all of them are below the win rate that is expected of a new champion. To help change this, Riot released a micropatch just one day after his release. But it wasn’t enough.

Now, Riot is ready with another one to help increase the win rates yet again. 

What changes are coming to Akshan in League of Legends?

In a post by Riot lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu, it was specified how Akshan will get a boost in his attack speed per level and get some extra damage on his Avenrerang (Q) in the late game. 

More specifically, Akshan’s attack speed per level will go up from 2.5% to 4%. This alone will help Akshan with his general damage, which is currently very reliant on his abilities since attack-speed items aren’t really prioritized on the Rogue Sentinel. His damage to minions on Avenrerang will go up from 40-70% to now deal 40-90%. This won’t affect Akshan in the early game, but will instead give him better options to wave clear later down the road. 

So far, Akshan looks to be a decent champion in the mid-game or if he gets to snowball a lead from the laning phase. His late game, on the other hand, seems very lacking as he can barely wave clear effectively or get onto enemy champions without getting popped instantly. 

These changes might be able to stabilize his win rate a bit more, as players are still learning the ways of Akshan. A low win rate early on is by no means weird for a new champion like Akshan, but it still seems like the numbers have been a bit too low for Riot’s comfort. 

According to Jeevun Sidhu, the goal after the first micropatch was to get his win rates up by around two percent and now that might finally happen. The changes to Akshan should be available on the live servers right off the bat. 


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