New champion Akshan has some of the worst win rates in LoL

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Akshan has finally joined League of Legends with patch 11.15 but the mid-lane marksman is off to a poor start when it comes to his win rates. 

It’s normal to see new champions have poor win rates during their first few patches because of the learning curve, but Akshan is currently performing even worse than expected. 24 hours since his release, Riot has sneaked in a buff for Akshan because of his terrible performance in every possible position. Riot increased his base damage and more, but it hasn’t been enough to increase the win rates significantly for Akshan.  

Is Akshan good in League of Legends?

So far, Akshan has been consistently picked for three different roles after his release but he’s been bad in all of them. The Rogue Sentinel is played in top, bot, and the mid lane. While three roles are a lot for a champion, Akshan is succeeding in none of them. The worst one being top lane, where Akshan is sitting at a 34.02% win rate. This is also the role where Akshan is picked the least and likely won’t be the place to play Akshan in the future. 

Things are a bit better in the middle and bottom lanes, but not by a lot. His win rate in the bottom lane is at 35.73%, and he only has 37.11% for his most-picked role in the mid lane. These numbers should be taken with a grain of salt since players are still learning how to play Akshan, but the quick buffs and red numbers indicate that Akshan might need more changes in the near future. 

All three of his win rates are the absolute lowest in the game currently, with support Sett being the closest at a 43.83% win rate. A win rate below 40% should indicate that something is off in Platinum ranks and higher, even for a new champion like Akshan. 

His unique kit with new ways to dash with Heroic Swing and revive teammates with Going Rogue are both unique mechanics that will definitely need some time for players to get used to. More buffs in the upcoming patch 11.16 are expected by many and might put Akshan in the healthy spot he deserves. 


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