Riot might shift jungle meta again on patch 11.11 and buff Teemo

By Christian Vejvad


May 18, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

A new League of Legends patch is right around the corner, bringing nerfs to some of the new meta junglers. Teemo also has a rare appearance in the patch notes. 

In the recent preview for patch 11.11, gameplay design director Mark “Scuffy” Yetter reveals a detailed look at the upcoming changes. While all changes are still a work in progress, it seems that some of the strong AP junglers will see some nerfs and might shift the meta again. The patch will also include a buff to Teemo, which will probably receive mixed feedback from the players.  

The patch will also include several other nerfs to champions that are currently performing well in both solo queue and the professional stage. Furthermore, this patch will focus quite a lot on items, with a total of 11 items getting some needed buffs.   

Rumble and Morgana nerfs might change jungle meta again

After making big changes to shake up the jungle meta on patch 11.8, Riot has decided to further nerf a couple of the current dominators. Both Rumble and Morgana are presently bringing a breath of fresh air to the jungle meta but they might have a bit too much power. 

The two are heavily contested picks at the ongoing 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and see success in solo queue as well. Both champions got hit with the nerf hammer on patch 11.9, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

For Morgana, she will be hit with a nerf directly targeted at the jungle position. Riot will be reducing the damage to monsters on her Tormented Shadow (W), which is currently used to clear the jungle at record speeds. Unless something changes, it will be reduced from 185% to 155% bonus damage to monsters. On paper, this looks like a change that might force Morgana out of the jungle meta again. 

For Rumble, the nerf will be slightly smaller with Riot reducing on-hit damage to monsters from his Junkyard Titan passive. This will affect Rumble but won’t change his powerful AOE damage.      


Is Teemo returning as a dominant pick in LoL?

From a nerfed Yordle in Rumble to one that will be buffed in the upcoming patch. Riot is looking to give Teemo some love after a long time where the Swift Scout hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from the balancing team. 

As Teemo’s solo queue win rate isn’t completely horrible at the moment, Riot will only be bringing a small buff this time around. They will make his cooldown on Move Quick (W) three seconds faster, which might not sound like a lot but can make a difference. 

For years, Teemo has been all about bullying and controlling to top lane in certain matchups. Getting a buff on his movement speed will make it safer to stay out of ganks and chase down kills. This change might be what Teemo needs to become an even bigger nuisance up top. 

When is LoL patch 11.11 getting released? 

As per usual, the new LoL patch will be available on the PBE to make sure everything is tested and adjusted before going live. After the PBE, it’s expected that the patch will hit the live servers on Wednesday, May 26, according to the LoL patch schedule