This is the League of Legends patch schedule for 2021

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Riot Games continue to make League of Legends a varied experience for players at all levels with frequent patches, and there’s now an official patch schedule to help fans keep track of it all. 

League of Legends has been around for more than 10 years and is still constantly changing. Riot Games is still doing bi-weekly patches for the most part, so there is a lot to keep tabs on. Luckily, Riot has an official patch schedule for 2021 that can help any fan of the game check out when any new changes are coming. 

Here’s a look at the schedule throughout 2021 and the remainder of season 11.  

2021 League of Legends patch schedule

  • Patch 11.1 – Wednesday, January 6
  • Patch 11.2 – Thursday, January 21
  • Patch 11.3 – Wednesday, February 3
  • Patch 11.4 – Thursday, February 18
  • Patch 11.5 – Wednesday, March 3
  • Patch 11.6 – Wednesday, March 17
  • Patch 11.7 – Wednesday, March 31
  • Patch 11.8 – Wednesday, April 14
  • Patch 11.9 – Wednesday, April 28
  • Patch 11.10 – Wednesday, May 12
  • Patch 11.11 – Wednesday, May 26
  • Patch 11.12 – Wednesday, June 9
  • Patch 11.13 – Wednesday, June 23
  • Patch 11.14 – Thursday, July 8
  • Patch 11.15 – Wednesday, July 21
  • Patch 11.16 – Wednesday, August 11
  • Patch 11.17 – Wednesday, August 25
  • Patch 11.18 – Wednesday, September 9
  • Patch 11.19 – Wednesday, September 22
  • Patch 11.20 – Wednesday, October 6
  • Patch 11.21 – Wednesday, October 20
  • Patch 11.22 – Wednesday, November 3
  • Patch 11.23 – Tuesday, November 17
  • Patch 11.24 – Wednesday, December 8

Note that the patch schedule is still subject to change for one reason or another if Riot runs into problems. So far in 2021, the patch schedule has been on point and without any changes. 

What is a patch in LoL? 

A patch in League of Legends is when Riot Games is updating the game. Every patch is essentially an update for League of Legends that is required to play the current version of the game. All patches install for free and will provide all sorts of updates to the game. A patch usually includes balance changes for champions and items. Sometimes a patch will also include new skins or a new champion. 

How long does League of Legends take to patch? 

A League of Legends patch usually doesn’t take long to download and won’t interrupt the flow of a game. Riot Games release the patches at night where most people aren’t playing, which will enable all players to smoothly download the patch the next day when they launch the League of Legends client. The download time will depend on each player’s internet speed, but with a solid connection, it won’t take more than a few minutes at most. It’s possible to log in and browse the client while the patch is downloading, so most players won’t even notice it. 


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