Riot is updating champions Kayle and Morgana

By Olivia Richman


Feb 26, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has announced major changes for popular champions Morgana and Kayle.

Kayle will be seeing more dramatic changes than her sister, including a brand new set of abilities. Her new kit revolves around her passive ability, Divine Ascent, which will now features four different forms that Kayle reaches as she progresses in levels.

Zealous is the first form that Kayle starts the match with. With every auto attack, Kayle gains stacks until she becomes Exalted at max. This gives her increased movement speed.

Her second passive form, “Aflame,” is unlocked at level six. Kayle then deals bonus magic damag with her attacks. At level 11, Kayle reaches her third form, Arisen. This transforms Kayle into a fully ranged champion. Transcendent is Kayle’s final form, unlocked at level 16. This form causes Kayle’s Exalted flame waves to deal true damage.

Kayle’s old ability Righteous Fury has been replaced with Starfire Spellblade. The passive effect gives Kayle bonus damage that scales with both ability power and attack damage. When activated, the ability makes Kayle’s next basic attack ranged, dealing damage based on the target’s missing health.

When combined with protective abilities, Kayle’s Starfire Spellblade is key in teamfights, allowing her to safeguard her team while inflicting extensive damage to enemies. To further improve Kayle’s teamfighting potential, Riot has also renamed her ultimate to Divine Judgement, and it not only grants invulnerability to herself or a teammate, but also calls down a circle of swords that surround damage enemies around the spell’s target.

Opposing Kayle’s chosen path, Morgana reflects her connection to humanity by binding her wings. Morgana has been visually updated to better match her “divine origin.” A buff to her ultimate, Soul Shackles, reveals her dark birthright, granting her more movement speed towards enemies while it’s active. This makes it easier for Morgana players to initiate and maintain engagements with the ability.

Riot has not yet announced when this update will reach live servers.