League of Legends animated series Arcane coming to Netflix

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League of Legends fans have waited eagerly for the League of Legends animated series and it’s finally close. 

The animated series called Arcane will be coming this fall to Netflix. The series will be set in the League of Legends world and likely have a lot of well-known characters from the game in it. In a recent trailer, Netflix Geeked gave a little sneak peek of what’s in store but no specific date was revealed just yet. 

Arcane was first introduced during the 10th Anniversary edition of Riot Pls, wherein Riot announced the animated series with a short video including champions like Ekko, Jarvan, and Jinx, promising that “a new adventure awaits.”

In the most recent trailer, fans got to see a bit more from what Arcane has in store. From the few seconds of footage, it seems that Jinx and Vi will have key roles in the series. The two related champions have a lot of history in the League of Legends lore, both coming from Zaun before Vi took the journey to become a warden in Piltover. 

While it’s still unknown, it does look like Jinx might be the villain in Arcane with Vi playing another big role. In the action-packed trailer, it looks like fans are in for a treat when it comes to fights and intense moments. Since the series will likely take place in both Zaun and Piltover, it’s fair to expect that other champions from those regions will appear on the screen. 


When will Arcane air on Netflix?  

League of Legends’ Arcane animated series is set to arrive on Netflix in fall 2021, but no specific release date was given. Arcane was originally going to be released last year, but the project got delayed. It’s also unknown how many episodes the first season will consist of, but expect a good few hours of entertainment. 

Netflix typically drops an entire season of a show at a time, even for its own new releases. As such, expect the entirety of Arcane to drop at the same time.

Arcane is the latest example of Netflix betting big on video game-themed content. The streaming service saw great response to Castlevania, an animated series based on the classic gothic action game of the same name, which was followed by The Witcher exploding to mainstream success. Most recently, Netflix collaborated with Valve to release DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, an animated series based on Dota 2.