Riot Games reveals this year’s Season 10 ranked rewards

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 12, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Riot Games recently gave a look into this season’s League of Legends ranked rewards, including Victorious Lucian, loot capsules, and more. 

The current ranked season will end on November 10 at 07:59 GMT, according to Riot. The ranked rewards will afterward be distributed within two weeks to all players that have unlocked ranked rewards throughout the year. 

Victorious Lucian is coming to LoL

The most anticipated reward is this year’s Victorious skin, which is awarded to every player who has managed to reach gold rank or higher. Every year, Riot releases a new skin to the Victorious line and this year it is Lucian getting that honor. Riot teased the skin back in September, and many fans instantly predicted the skin to be for Lucian. 

As new rewards, players will receive chromas for the skin depending on ranks. One chroma will be awarded for each rank a player has reached above gold. The chromas range from platinum all the way up to challenger, giving the skins a variety of different in-game looks. 

Lastly, everyone who finished ranked placements in solo queue, flex queue, or both will receive an Eternals Lucian Series 1 Permanent, a ranked profile icon, and finally, a ranked profile banner.

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Clash and honor rewards for LoL season 10 

Besides the Victorious skin, players can also look forward to Clash and honor rewards this year.

The Clash rewards are based on the number of Victorious Points a player has gathered over the season. Everyone who has participated in Clash at some point will receive the Clash Contender icon. The rest of the rewards will be distributed according to the total of Victorious Points gathered. 

  • Contenders
    • Contender Summoner Icon: 1 VP
    • Contender Clash Logo: 200 VP
    • Contender Clash Banner: 1000 VP
  • Conquerors
    • Conqueror Summoner Icon: 2000 VP
    • Conqueror Clash Logo: 3000 VP
    • Conqueror Clash Banner: 4000 VP
  • Champions
    • Champion Summoner Icon: 5000 VP
    • Champion Clash Logo: 6000 VP
    • Champion Clash Banner: 7000 VP

As per usual, this year’s honor rewards will depend on the honor ranked each player has reached. The higher the honor rank, the better rewards. Every player will receive an honor capsule that is tied to its final honor level. Having an honor level below level 3 won’t grant any rewards. 

  • Honor 3 Capsule
    • Random Ward Skin
    • 3 Key Shards
  • Honor 4 Capsule
    • Random Ward Skin
    • Random Emote Permanent
    • 3 Key Shards
  • Honor 5 Capsule
    • Random Ward Skin
    • Random Emote Permanent
    • 6 Key Shards


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