Riot’s tease gives us a clue about the 2020 Victorious skin

Christian Vejvad • September 18, 2020 5:25 pm

The annual Victorious skin was teased through two pictures on the official League of Legends Taiwan Facebook page.

By looking at the teasers, this year’s Victorious skin will most likely be for Lucian, even though it has not been officially confirmed yet. The first sneak peek show a chestplate in the golden victorious skin line theme, while the other picture shows an emerald gun. 

The gun is what has led people to think that the champion will be Lucian, since he is known for his dual-wield pistols. Fans have also speculated if the new skin could belong to Jhin, as he is also wielding pistols in the game.

Lucian is currently the best guess, as Riot is known to make the Victorious skin for a champion who has been a common pick in both solo queue and professional play. Lucian has been crushing it recently, especially on the professional stage. He is strong in both mid and top lanes, and is predicted to be a highly contested pick at the 2020 World Championship.  

Could Lucian receive the new 2020 Victorious skin?

Earlier this season, Lucian was one of the strongest picks in the bot lane. Paired with Yuumi, he would have a powerful laning phase while scaling well into the late game. Yuumi is no longer a strong pick in the meta, so Lucian has been prioritized for the solo lanes instead. 

This will be the 10th skin in the Victorious skin line. In previous years, champions such as Aatrox, Orianna, Graves, and Sivir have been given the honor of receiving the skin. The first Victorious skin was released in 2011 for Jarvan IV, followed by Janna in 2012. 

The Victorious skin is awarded to players who manage to reach gold rank or higher by the end of the season. So to collect this year’s Victorious skin, make sure to reach gold or higher before the season ends on November 5. 


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