Riot Games drops in with League of Legends Season 2020 merch

Olivia Richman • January 15, 01:00

You’re climbing the League of Legends ladder this season, sure. But are you doing it in style? 

To celebrate the 2020 season, Riot has dropped some League of Legends merch for fans looking to stay stylish in solo queue. All of the clothing items feature the League of Legends logo, a simple one on the front right pocket and an elaborate and ornate Summoner’s Rift design on the back. 

LoL Season 2020 apparel merch

The unisex hoodie comes in black, navy, and dark grey. All three $55 hoodies include matching drawchords and a front pouch pocket. 

“Be a legend this season by winning your lane in comfort and style,” reads the description. 

For the same price, Riot offers a cropped hoodie for women’s sizes. Riot tells customers they can “start the season in style” with this fashionable take on the original hoodie. But Riot notes that it’s also a “comfy” way to climb. It’s available in grey and black. 

LoL 2020 crop hoodie

Hoping to rock 2020 merch as warmer weather approaches? Tee-shirts are also available for $25 in navy, grey, and black. They are offered in unisex styles, although there is also a black tee-shirt available in women’s sizes. 

“Conquer the opposing team this year in our new Season 2020 Tee,” Riot states in the description. 

If rocking League of Legends on your shirt isn’t enough, Riot is also offering snapbacks and dad hats. The snapbacks are available for $30, and come in black, gold, and grey, the last of which has a black brim. The dad hats, also available at $30, come in navy with a gold logo or black with gold or white logos. 

You can check out the entire collection here

The 2020 League of Legends competitive season began January 10, two days after the first patch of the year was released. Most players are probably done with their 10 provisional matches by now, but if you’re not, this new merch might just give you the extra motivation you need to rank up. 


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