Riot announces start of the League of Legends Season 10 in 2020

By Marta Juras


Jan 6, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A new 10th season of League of Legends is just a few days away from its start.

Riot Games announced the start of the 2020 season through Twitter, getting players excited about a new shot at the ranked ladder and new features that the developer has in store for this year. The season will officially be starting on January 10, two days after the first patch of the year goes live.

A month of preseason changes lead the way to Season 10

Players already got a taste of what’s coming in the new season during the preseason which started in November. From the Elemental Rift, Senna and Aphelios joining the champions pool, item and rune changes, to the announcement of Sett, the past couple of weeks saw League players adjusting to what the 2020 season is bringing.

The first patch of the season is going to be a big one. Besides the new juggernaut Sett coming along with it, the patch will also include a large number of balance changes to both champions and items, including buffs for Kalista, Alistar, and Jayce, as well as nerfs for Aphelios, Kassadin, Shaco, and many more.

Once the changes are live and players start trying their luck in the new season of ranked, all these changes will result in a new meta forming. This year, players can expect to focus to shift towards champions with strong early and mid games, and a greater emphasis on objective control.

New season, new ranked climb in 2020

Besides all the changes players are getting accustomed to, the start of the new season also means a light ranked reset. Once the season is live, players will see their ranks go to history, and they won’t be placed in a ranked division. This, however, doesn’t mean their placing ahead of the reset won’t make a difference in the new climb.

Players will first have to play 10 provisional matches. Matchmaking will happen based on their previous League Points, even the LP earned and lost during the preseason, and the win rate of the ten provisional games will determine where they stand at the start of their new ranked climb.

The first patch of 2020, patch 10.1, is scheduled to go live on January 8.