Riot Convergence

Riot confirms release date for Convergence, exciting LoL-story game

By Fariha Bhatti


May 2, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fans of the League of Legends canon will be delighted to know that Riot Forge’s Convergence now has a confirmed release date. 

Hot off the heels of The Mageseeker, Riot Forge is now working on Convergence, one of the three titles announced earlier this year. Riot Forge, a publishing label under Riot responsible for new games set in the same universe, announced on Twitter that Convergence is slated for May. 

According to Forge, Convergence will become available on May 23 on Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, GOG, Steam, and Epic Games. Double Stallion Games develop it and would focus on Ekko’s time-traveling shenanigans. 

Convergence: A LoL story release date confirmed 

Convergence gameplay

The developer announced the release date of May 23 with an elaborate trailer, which hinted at the storyline and gameplay of Convergence. The video showcases Ekko in contact with his future self in a different version of Zuan. 

Fans of League know Zaun as this miserably dark city that has nothing but despair to offer. But Convergence will feature a completely different vibrant, lively, and colorful city. It’s Zaun before toxic chemicals and experiments marred the home of many iconic champions in the League. But fans will be fortunate enough to experience it in full health and color through Ekko’s eyes. 

“By seeing Zaun through Ekko’s eyes, we aimed to reflect his own perspective on his home – a city of progress and a playground for adventure,” the developer said.

Riot Forge’s Convergence gameplay 

The trailer also provides a peak into the gameplay. Time portals, smooth movement, and 2D platforms can be spotted in the 2-minute-long video as Ekko travels through the future and past. The movement seems to take a center spot as fluid, dynamic combat rewards precise timing and positioning. Players will be able to use Ekko’s Zero Drive to turn back time and use their wisdom to win fights in the future. 

Players will also meet famous Undercity champions like Warwille, Camille, and Jinx. But they could be Ekko’s enemies in Convergence. So, be careful what you wish for, you might get it. 

From the trailer, the game seems like an ode to retro video games with vivid locations, old-school final boss, and combat style. There’s also room for exploration, even though it’s a strictly 2D game. But, the developer has mentioned easter eggs sprinkled across the metropolis that seasoned MOBA players would immediately recognize. 

Players can explore the city on May 23 and learn about Ekko’s life before League.