Riot brings the best Legends of Runeterra streamers to invitational event

By Olivia Richman


May 7, 2020

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The top 16 Legends of Runeterra content creators in North America and Europe will be competing tomorrow in the Principles Strength Invitational. 

The Principles Strength Invitiational is the game’s first official tournament since the Rising Tides expansion launched. It’s a single-deck, best-of-three tournament that comes with bragging rights and a $1,000 prize pool for the competitors. Those chosen competitors are content creators who have competed in multiple LoR tournaments during the open beta season, some of whom achieved multiple top-eight finishes and title victories. Some of the LoR pros and streamers have also reached Masters tier across multiple regions. 

NA competitors:

  • Team Liquid’s Hyped
  • Gummi
  • Prismaticismism
  • Navioot
  • NicMakesPlays
  • Topher
  • BruisedByGod (BBG)
  • Swim

EU competitors: 

  • Alanzq
  • FreshLobster
  • FirstPinkBeaver
  • Presto
  • Zezetel
  • Pokrovac
  • Szychu
  • ManuS

How to watch the Legends of Runeterra Principles Strength Invitational

The online tournament will take place on Casanova’s Twitch channel. The North American rounds begin at 2 PM CST. 

Trusted Legends of Runeterra players CasanovaHOTS, CHARM3R, and The_Blevins are covering the intivational, casting the EU and NA rounds. 

The rounds will be single-deck format with a 15-card closed sideboard. There will be two pools of four in Round Robin best-of-threes. The top two of each pool will compete in the semifinals, which is also best-of-three. The finals are best-of-five. 

Cards you should expect to see from Rising Tides

There are 120 cards in the Rising Tides set, introducing players to the Bilgewater region and several new champions, including Gangplank and his pirate gang. 

Blog post image

One popular new card is the Loyal Badgerbear, which is summoned by the Grizzled Ranger as a Last Breath effect. It can also be placed into a deck build on its own. This 4/4 unit can be played on turn three, making the Loyal Badgerbear a perfect addition to Demacian region-styled archetypes. 

Another popular card from the expansion is Claws of the Dragon, a card that’s almost a requirement in spell-reliant decks. She is quickly summoned at any time two or more spells have been cast during that turn. With a 3/2 stat line, this card can deal a fair amount of damage or serve to block incoming attacks. 

Eye of the Dragon has been tested in a variety of deck types. This early-game unit produces a 2/1 Dragonling with Lifesteal at the start of each round if two or more spells were played in the previous round. That’s due to Attune, which provides an additional spell mana upon being played. Casting two spells is pretty common in a lot of decks, so this cheap unit will definitely be seeing some play. 

Zap Sprayfin is an Elusive who draws cards. This is another card that’s a must in spell-heavy decks. This is especially a good addition if you are playing new champion Twisted Fate from the Bilgewater region. 


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