Riot bring nerfs to Yuumi and Graves in LoL patch 11.22

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 26, 2021

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Riot Games is about to push out the last patches of season 11, starting with an 11.22 patch that will be used to nerf some of the most oppressive champions in solo queue. 

Patch 11.22 won’t be a big one, but it will still have some important nerfs. The most notable one will be long-awaited nerfs to Yuumi, who has seen some high ban rates in solo queue recently. Yuumi has also been a dominant factor at the 2021 World Championship thus far, so it’s with great relief in the community that the Magical Cat will now be toned down a bit. 

Riot will also be bringing nerfs to Graves, who has been seen both in the jungle and top lane with great success. Graves’ ability to dish out damage while remaining tanky has been hard to deal with for his opponents, but that might change going into the final part of the season. 

Nerfs to Yuumi is coming on LoL patch 11.22

With patch 11.22 releasing, players will need to get used to less healing and movement speed provided by Yuumi as the champion is hit by nerfs. The upcoming nerfs to Yuumi target her flat healing and scaling on Zoomies (E) while also decreasing the movement speed given to the ally Yuumi is attached to. 

Zoomies is currently the main tool for Yuumi and the reason why she scales so well and can constantly buff up allies to better enable them to carry. With these latest reductions, Yuumi will give a smaller steroid to the ally she is attached to and this will particularly affect the marksman she is paired up with. 

Yuumi will still be able to heal a ton and have a big impact with her Final Chapter (R) ultimate ability, but it should be easier to deal with the utility support moving forward when these changes are implemented. 

Another champion that will be hit with the nerf hammer is Graves, who will see a damage nerf to Collateral Damage (R). While this will reduce his overall damage output a bit, it might not be exactly what players wanted. Graves will still have his great wave clear and tankiness from his other abilities. His burst will be lowered, but this doesn’t look to be a nerf that will boot Graves completely from the meta. 

Riot to buff Riven and Renekton in LoL patch 11.22

On the other side of the patch notes, Riot will be buffing a few controversial champions that are known for being a solo queue menace. First and foremost is a buff to Renekton, as Riot will revert the recent changes made to the stun on his Ruthless Predator (W). The initial nerf had the stun duration reduced, but it has turned out that this nerf has been too big. 

With Riot reverting the change, Renekton might be able to find a foothold in the top lane again and be the early-game bully he so often has been. During the time after his nerf, it has been hard to play Renekton as his ability to trade and lock down targets has been severely hampered by the stun duration nerf. 

Another champion that will see some buffs is Riven, who has always been a champion that great players have been able to carry on. Outside of those players, it has been hard to have an impact on Riven in the current meta, but that could change now. Riot will be buffing the damage on her KI Burst (W) and the shield ratio on Valor (E). These changes seem pretty big for Riven, who will now be generally stronger.

Patch 11.22 is already available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) before hitting the live servers on Wednesday, November 3. 


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