Riot announces VCT Team Capsules featuring fancy player cards

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 22, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has unveiled highly coveted VCT Team Capsules for the 2024 esports season, and they are jaw-dropping. 

In 2023, Riot promised to include teams in the game with in-game cosmetics. The developer is now making good on its word by introducing VCT Team Capsules featuring skin and sprays with the team logo and colors. 

The capsules will remain up for grabs throughout the 2024 season, starting February 21.

VCT Team Capsules include mouthwatering cosmetics 

The VCT Capsule 2024 includes 33 bundles for the Americas, EMEA, and Pacific, each bundle priced at 2,340 Valorant Points. 

Players will get a spray, Classic skin, gun buddy, and a fancy player card, co-designed by the partnered teams. The player cards include beautiful imagery, with team logos incorporated into the art. While the rest of the bundle is worth the money, players are mostly rushing in to buy the banners. 

The Classic skin is also a class apart. Upon inspection, the weapon glows with team logos and VCT 2024 on the side. All 33 skins are the same, so players only need to pick the team they’re supporting to buy the bundle. 

Similar to previous esports-themed skins in Valorant, this one also contributes a large chunk of revenue to the VCT-partnered teams. 50% of the proceeds from the team capsules will be split between the 44 teams. The rest of the skins will be unveiled in May with Masters Shanghai, China’s esports leg for VCT.

Players can purchase the skin from the new Valorant esports hub tab in the game window.