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Valorant esports skins will let players flex their fandom

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 21, 2023

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Valorant esports buffs will soon be able to support their favorite teams in-game through skins, Riot has revealed. 

Earlier in 2023, leakers teased that VCT-partnered team skins might come to Valorant sooner than players expect. Data miners discovered early indications that team skins are under development, but no exact date was confirmed. Moreover, Riot was also tightlipped about the details. But we now know that the developer is serious about branded content. 

The global head of Valorant esports, Leo Faria, told SBJ that esports skins are coming to Valorant as soon as next year. 

Esports skins are coming to Valorant 

This was initially confirmed on the Wiseman podcast while Faria touched on the perks of being partnered with Riot for VCT.

“The first one is the stipend. We have a lump sum of money that is quite healthy that a team receives for just being in the league. The second thing is a revenue share from in-game goodies. We are also giving teams a big portion of the revenue from their team-branded content,” Faria said.

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Mirroring this, Riot had released the VCT LOCK//IN knife bundle, which pointed at regional rivalry, but it wasn’t exactly “team-branded.” However, players weren’t sure what exactly “team-branded” content entailed. Now, the developer has confirmed that the esports cosmetics are yet to come, and they would be purchasable through the store using Valorant Points. 

“Next year, we’re introducing for the first time team-branded skins in-game, and all of that is monetized via microtransactions,” she told SBJ

This means Riot is now tightly connecting Valorant with its globetrotting esports circuit. Players would be able to flex their favorite teams and their colors within the game. The revenue from the total purchase will go to the organization, creating a new income stream for the esports team. This could be huge for the health of Valorant esports. This income opportunity is locked in only for teams chosen to partner with Riot. 

The esports skins will hit the store sometime in 2024. The exact release date is unknown, but Riot should reveal more by the end of 2023.