Here’s what Riot had to say about failed Sentinels of Light event

By Nicholas James


Dec 14, 2021

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The Sentinels of Light event was an effort to tell the story of Viego’s arrival to League of Legends and the noble Sentinels of Light who would rise to defeat him. The event was released to a mixed reception from the community, including progression complaints, and more lore questions being raised.

Months later, Riot Games has released a statement discussing what was learned from the event.

Riot learns from Sentinels of Light event mistakes

Sentinels of Light was a motion comic series based inside of the League of Legends client in which players joined Lucian and Senna to recruit a growing cast of characters to stop Viego. However interesting the concept might have been, the execution was plagued by complaints of slow progression and a story that varied depending on platform.

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The main takeaways that Riot outlines were to improve progression pacing, preserve a consistent narrative, and the limits of visual novels in the client. Riot also comments on the champions that fans expect to feature heavily only having only brief appearances. From Kalista to Yorick, Riot acknowledges that characters such as Rengar and Pyke pushed some other picks to the side.

The Ruined King’s ruined event

The Ruined King was a mysterious figure in League of Legends lore, first introduced with the item “Blade of the Ruined King.” From there the looming presence of this unknown figure became greater and greater in League of Legends’ lore. Characters’ backstories were reworked to build out the lore of the Shadow Isles, the Ruination’s dark touch, and the fallen conqueror’s return.

Viego was as close to an antagonist as Runeterra had in terms of non-champion forces up until his reveal as the latest addition to the roster. His arrival in Sentinels of Light and Ruination was a massive narrative event, but the varying stories told across platforms and mediums meant confusion for casual fans.

At the same time, fans only interested in the lore weren’t able to access the all of the lore for themselves without playing a lot of League of Legends. This combination meant that many fans were frustrated, no matter their interest.


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