New Sentinel, Unbound, Ruined skins coming in next LoL patch

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The next chapter in the fight between the dark mist and the Sentinel of Light is right around the corner as Riot Games has just announced five brand new skins. 

With the in-game event the Rise of the Sentinels underway, Riot is gearing up for a bang with several lore trailers and skins. Just a few weeks ago, Riot revealed five new Sentinel skins and a single skin for the Ruined line. As the event is getting closer, five other skins have now been revealed including the Sentinel skin line as well as Unbound and Ruined. 

The three new Sentinels will be Rengar, Pyke, and Graves, who will be joining the likes of Irelia, Vayne, Diana, Olaf, and Riven with the golden-themed cosmetics very soon. Pantheon will get the company on the dark side with a new Ruined Miss Fortune skin while Unbound Thresh will also be released in the shop for players to buy. 

As seen previously, the Sentinels are the heroes of the ongoing League of Legends story and will be presented with golden cosmetics and in-game effects. On the other side are the Ruined and Unbound, who will have cosmetics with much darker colors and the now-iconic black mist theme. 

Here are the new Sentinel, Unbound, and Ruined LoL skins

Sentinel Rengar: 

Blog post image

Sentinel Pyke:

Blog post image

Sentinel Graves: 

Sentinel Graves

Ruined Miss Fortune:

Blog post image

Unbound Thresh: 

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When are the new Sentinel skins coming to LoL?

With a lot of new skins on their way to the game, it’s expected that this batch will be released alongside patch 11.14. The patch will already be out on Thursday, July 8, when the Sentinel of Light event will begin. The event will run for the better part of a month and will conclude on Tuesday, August 10.