Rick is coming to MultiVersus after mysterious delay in content

By Olivia Richman


Sep 24, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Rick Sanchez is finally on his way to MultiVersus, though he may take some time getting there.

Rick was announced as an upcoming character in the ever-growing MultiVersus roster during San Diego Comic-Con. He was going to arrive in the first season along with his grandson Morty, but an exact timeline was never shared.

Morty was added right when Season One began on August 23, leaving the fighting game community waiting on Rick to join him. Many figured he would come a few weeks later, but it’s now been over a month.

When is Rick coming to MultiVersus?

A teaser on the official MultiVersus Twitter announced the next character to join the eclectic roster. The action-packed clip showed Rick entering through a portal with a drained expression on his face. He then lets out a big, lip-flapping burp.

While the trailer announced Rick as the next character, it didn’t give any date for his arrival.

Luckily, MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh was quick to add a bit more information for fans of the platform fighter. He retweeted the teaser and added the words “coming very soon.”

Despite Huynh’s “very soon” comment, many voiced frustration with the MultiVersus announcement. Some gamers noted that they already knew that Rick was coming, so the trailer offered nothing new. Others felt that they weren’t adding content quick enough, causing the game to “die.”

Many others wanted less character reveals and more updates on various in-game content and issues. The biggest complaint with MultiVersus has been over the netcode and servers, which have reportedly become after the official launch.

Rick is probably coming to MultiVersus next week, possibly on Tuesday. This is when Player First Games has generally dropped its updates.

More information will probably be released soon for Rick, with developers likely showing off his moves before he joins the roster. It’s still a mystery what Rick’s playstyle will be. but many are expecting him to have his portal gun by his side.


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