RiceGum banned from Twitch for showing female nudity

By Olivia Richman


Apr 9, 2020

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Controversial YouTube personality Bryan “RiceGum” Quang Le was banned from Twitch today. 

RiceGum was “interviewing” two Instagram models on a recent live stream when he decided to pull up one of their Instagram photos, which showed her bottom. 

“Is that allowed?” RiceGum asked his followers.

He then told someone to save the clip, which also featured the two Instagram models kissing. 

RiceGum apologized for showing the lewd photograph, but continued to encourage his fans to tune in to the women’s Instagram Live broadcast. Some fans weren’t feeling the hype, and told RiceGum that he was most likely going to get banned for nudity. 

“Nah, they were wearing pants, guys,” RiceGum said.

He went on to explain that the Instagram model had been wearing short-shorts in the photograph, something that he said Twitch wouldn’t ban him for. But it looks like he was wrong. While the length of the ban has not yet been revealed, RiceGum is officially banned from the streaming platform. 

“I just got banned on Twitch. I feel like I’m going to jail and they needa free me. Hopefully soon, guys. I’m gonna take this time to reflect on mistakes,” RiceGum tweeted.

Twitch ban just the latest RiceGum controversy

But not everybody wanted RiceGum to be “freed” from Twitch jail. In fact, a lot of RiceGum’s popularity is due to people disliking his content and antics. He most recently made headlines for his video titled, “Why I Left the Clout House.” 

In the video, RiceGum could be seen walking around Hong Kong asking culturally insensitive and rude questions like, “Hey, where are the bitches at?” At one point, RiceGum and a friend touch random people’s hands while passing them on an escalator, touch strangers on the street while asking if they want half-finished ice cream, and asking citizens where he can find “dog and cat” to eat. 

“Oh yeah and, like, in China there’s always jokes about, like, Asians eating cats and dogs and, like, I’m in China and I’ve been kind of looking for the past hour, and I haven’t seen a restaurant or anything serving that,” RiceGum said. “I’m confused because, like, I want to try. I’m always open to try new things.”

In the past, RiceGum has made cringeworthy diss tracks about other YouTubers and published a series of videos where he rates underaged teens by their looks. His personality has often rubbed some viewers the wrong way, as he uploads videos about his wealth and his judgement of others.

The final straw for many viewers was when he asked a woman who had been raped if the experience “felt good.” 


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