Retired pro player Tarik greeted with wallhacks in CS2

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike 2.0 may be an upgraded, new game, but the hacking problems remain. But returning players like Tarik “Tarik” Celik don’t know that.

Tarik, who rose to fame as the North American CS legend, now prefers Valorant. He has been playing and streaming Riot’s competitive shooter for more than two years, but the CS community still respects and idolizes him for his legacy. So, when Tarik announced he would give CS2 another shot, fans rushed to his stream to watch him in action once again. But, what actually happened was something everyone expected but had hoped wouldn’t happen.

Hackers welcomed Tarik back to CS2 with through-the-wall one-taps and spinning across the map.

Tarik gets annihilated by CS2 hackers

CS2 bomb

Before diving into competitive, Tarik opted to play a Deathmatch to warm up his aim. It’s worth noting that the whole point of Deathmatch is to hone your aim so you’re ready for the ranked mode. There’s no reason to use any kind of hacks in this game mode, as winning isn’t the main objective. But hackers in CS2 don’t really care.

As soon as Tarik spawned into the server, he was shot through the wall of Mirage’s A cave. After that, he didn’t get a chance to catch a breath as hackers annihilated him from every direction.

Soon after, Tarik gave up, closing his former main game for good.

This video has now reignited the conversation around poor anti-cheat in CS2. While Tarik was playing on a community server, players argued that the CS2 official experience isn’t much different.

It remains to be seen if Valve does anything to improve the competitive experience. Leaks suggest that an improved anti-cheat is in development, but Valve is tight-lipped.