Apex Legends Saviors

Respawn finally adds rank demotion to Apex Legends Season 13

By Fariha Bhatti


May 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends is about to get more competitive. The new season Saviors will bring one of the most highly requested de-rank features that will change how demotion protection works. 

Apex Legends is easily one of the top FPS games in 2022. The challenging battle royale set in the outlands pushes the players to achieve the highest Predator rank. In Apex Legends, the competition is stiff and players can sometimes lag behind. But competitive players have noticed the skill difference doesn’t reflect on their rank. While it’s a good thing for some, many complain about being hard-stuck. 

Apex Legends’ Saviors brings a very exciting update for those unhappy with their ranks stuck. The changes in demotion protection will allow players to restart their grind based on their skill level. 

How does tier demotion work in Apex Legends? 

Tier demotion in Apex Legends works similarly to any other shooter game. Those who don’t rank up higher and continue to lose games will demote to a more appropriate tier for their skill level. 

The tier bump relies on demotion protection. Players will get demotion protection for three games. Once demotion protection is exhausted, dropping below the tier threshold will trigger a demotion penalty, dropping the player halfway down the previous division. Demotions will create a more accurate distribution of skills across the ladder, making the competition fair.

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Players will be given 100 RP when they move into a new tier. If that RP falls to zero, their demotion protection timer will start ticking. So, if you have lost two games but win the third one, you’ll stay in your current rank. Losing three consecutive games will lead to an instant de-rank. This change will undoubtedly boost competition in Apex Legends and allow low-skilled players to sit back and take a breather in their suitable ranks. 

Apex Legends’ Saviors brings a new starter rank

Respawn has also added a new introductory tier to the ranks to house new players. In Saviors, new players will be placed into the Rookie rank, which is a one-time-only placement with no ranked rewards. 

Existing players are unaffected by the introduction of the Rookie tier and they can’t be demoted into it. This new rank is specifically for new players who hope to get familiarized with Apex Legends without losing RP. Once they have reached a certain skill level, they’d get promoted to a new tier and join the competitive queues. 


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