Apex Legends rank demotion

Apex Legends mobile gets highly requested derank feature before PC

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 31, 2022

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Apex Legends Mobile has one-upped its PC counterpart yet again with a shiny new derank feature.

Apex Legends is easily one of the top shooter games in 2022. The cut-throat and challenging battle royale set in the outlands pushes the players to achieve the highest Predator rank. In Apex Legends, the competition is stiff, and players can sometimes lag behind. Unfortunately, the PC player can’t lay back and take a breather. 

PC players have been requesting the derank system but it now seems mobile users will get it first. The newly minted Apex Legends Mobile allows players to demote if they can’t keep up. 

Does Apex Legends have a derank feature? 

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Apex Legends doesn’t have a rank demotion system, which is why some players may feel like they don’t belong in a certain rank. EA has added the coveted feature to the mobile version and PC players aren’t happy. 

Both competitive and casual players alike have long complained about hard stuck high-rankers whose skills don’t mirror their ELO. This is a typical problem in Apex Legends since players can’t demote once they acclaim a rank badge. Many high-ranked players take a break and return with poor aim, but they’re forced to stay in the same MMR.

Simply put, a change in in-game skills doesn’t reflect on your rank once you progress. This has significantly marred the competitive queues due to the lack of consequences for poor performance.

Because of this, Apex Legends players have long requested a demote system to cleanse the higher ranks. However, the developer has chosen to roll out the feature for the mobile version first. 

Rank demotion comes to Apex Legends mobile 

Apex Legends Mobile has only been soft-launched but the rank demotion option has frustrated a lot of players that prefer PC. Competitive players were already jealous of the exclusive skins, TDM mode, and other mobile-only attributes so this isn’t sitting right with some Apex fans.

A player shared a video of getting deranked in Apex Legends Mobile, which was more hilarious than demotivating. After deranking from Masters to Diamond I, the screen turned blue with a sarcastic message that said: “Your rank dropped. Such a pity!”

The derank feature and the smooth animation were impressive enough for fans to criticize the PC counterpart for failing to keep up. Although EA has assured that many updates are lined up for Apex PC, a demotion system may remain absent. The developer has clarified in the past that derank may not be suitable for Apex Legends as of now.

Whatever the case, the PC players certainly envy Apex mobile users for their upscale game. 


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