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Republic Chest Fortnite locations

By Nicholas James


May 5, 2023

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The Find The Force Star Wars event has brought Republic Chests to Fortnite, which hold an exclusive item, these are all their locations.

Fortnite loves collaborating with other IPs. Star Wars is the latest franchise to take over Epic Games’ battle royale island. Part of this includes a Mythic weapon, the Clone Troopers’ signature blaster rifle. This is the only way to guarantee to get yourself a blaster rifle.

If you want one, make sure you get it by being the first to access one of these chests. Unlike some other event-specific items, these are surprisingly sparse.

Republic Chest locations Fortnite

There are only nine Republic Chests in all of Fortnite, and they’re split across four locations.

The first location, with the most chests at three, is in the northern portion of the map, around a frozen lake next to the only thawed part of the locale. The next location is at the fork in the road just west of Slappy Shores, there are two chests here. Another two chests can be found northeast of Shattered Slabs.

Finally, two more chests can be found to the southwest of Frenzy Fields. These are the only ways to guarantee you’ll get the DC-15 Blaster Rifle, the iconic weapon of Star Wars’ Clone Troopers.

Fortnite Republic Chests

Claiming the items from the chests is simple. Walk up to the chest and click the interact hotkey to open it. Each Republic Chest should contain one Blaster Rifle and some other assorted items. The DC-15 is a medium fire-rate, high-spread gun that excels when used in multiples.

With no ammo required, and only overheating to worry about, it’s a very low-commitment gun. Blasters aren’t the only option for Star Wars-themed weaponry in Fortnite right now.

Check out our guide on how to find and get the new Force Powers.


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