Reports say MIBR to replace LUCAS1 with Sharks Esports’ Meyern

By Nick Johnson


Dec 4, 2019

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Six months after borrowing Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles from Luminosity, MIBR is in discussions with Sharks Esports to find his replacement.

According to reports, MIBR is pursuing Sharks Esports’ Ignacio “meyern” Meyer to replace Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles prior to the start of CS Summit 5 on December 12. If MIBR makes the move, it would be the sixth roster change the organization has made in less than a year.

Meyern’s recent performances in the ECS regular season and last week’s finals have no doubt pushed the player onto MIBR’s radar. During the ECS Season 8 finals, Sharks Esports almost defeated Astralis in a 19-15 overtime thriller on Nuke.

Will MIBR make another roster change for meyern

It would be a strange move, especially since the Brazillian squad has improved over the past several tournaments. But if MIBR’s in-game leader Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo thinks that meyern could help the squad in the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major, then now is the time to make the change.

Switching out players now would give both meyern and MIBR several months to adjust to one another. That time together is vital. CSGO rosters often require time to gel before a team can evaluate how effective these change are.

It is unclear what will happen to LUCAS1 if MIBR releases him back to his old team. Luminosity released its entire team on September 12, and LUCAS1 is currently the only Counter-Strike player under contract with the organization.

MIBR’s constant change from coldzera, tarik, and Stewie2K show they aren’t changing the right parts

MIBR has been in a state of flux ever since Marcelo “coldzera” David’s departure to FaZe Clan, but the roster’s issues started well before he left.

Brazillian Counter-Strike squads have tended to avoid players of other nationalities. MIBR bucked that trend when they added Jake “Stewie2K” Yip and Tarik “tarik” Celik, but the Americans were eventually released when the roster failed to live up to expectations and some voices within the team pointed to the mixing of regions as a potential cause. 

Typically the results of avoiding outside talent are poor. There are only so many Counter-Strike players of professional caliber inside one region, and recycling the same talent in different orders hasn’t worked for these teams. MIBR has struggled since parting ways with its American duo, while Stewie2K and tarik have both flourished elsewhere.

Since meyern has only recently appeared on the CSGO radar, he might be the breath of fresh air MIBR has so wanted for. It’s possible that his addition to MIBR could be the catalyst the team needs to return to form. Fans won’t know until the transfer is confirmed and MIBR has some time to work with the young player.


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