“Refusing to engage is not good”: Apex Legends devs talk ratting

By Olivia Richman


Jul 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Ratting has become front and center with ranked Apex Legends players due to negative experiences in Season 17.

Season 17 was largely met with disappointment and frustration from the competitive Apex community as more players than ever got to Master and Predator ranks. The rank inflation seemed to be partially the fault of ratting, a playstyle that has not won over most competitive players.

Developers made some changes in Season 17 that increased the amount of ratting in competitive Apex Legends. Players could earn more LP and climb up the ranks faster with high placements rather than getting kills. Without the need to engage in battle, a lot of teams started “ratting,” which is when they just hide in corners of the map and don’t engage in an attempt to get as high a placement as possible while avoiding other teams.

Of course, this meta shift has made gameplay a lot more boring. The hiding and camping is not seen as very enjoyable, causing many Apex Legends players to complain. Now, developers have answered.

Apex Legends devs condemn ratting

On Reddit, developers invited players to talk about ranked changes in Season 18. One of the questions was about ratting, with a player asking developers if this was a “legitimate” way to play.

In response, an Apex Legends developer admitted that it’s not good or healthy. They explained: “We want the focus in ranked to being playing to win. Part of winning the match is survival and being tactical in what fights you take. What we DO NOT want to happen is exploitative play. Hiding in positions and just refusing to engage to win is not good and healthy for the game. We want all players to run the race, and not wait for as many teams as possible to crash out.”

To combat this, Season 18 will have some ranked changes that don’t favor placement as heavily. Instead, teams will be rewarded with LP for achieving high kill counts. In Diamond and above, there will also be more LP bonuses rewarded to teams who take some risks in an attempt to push players to rotate quickly.

“We have a lot of work to do here,” RSPN_C4 said. “Expect more changes to come season over season as we see player behavior evolve.”