Red Bull Flick is a 2-on-2 CSGO tournament with cash prizes

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You and a friend can earn cash and a trip to Helsinki, as long as your CSGO skills are good enough.

Red Bull Flick has announced its third competitive season with €50,000 in prizes. The two-versus-two custom game mode has been revamped with exciting new maps and futuristic lore. The final Red Bull Flick qualifier will take place on October 16. The finals will be held live in Helsinki, Finland on November 20.

Red Bull Flick uses a custom game mode with maps designed by prominent CSGO workshop artists. 2021 is the third year of Red Bull Flick, and it will be the biggest it’s ever been. The top players from each qualifier will fly to Helsinki where they’ll play against pairs of established CSGO pros for the grand prize.

The event also has a backstory that revolves around the future of esports. Flick matches take place in the future, where esports have overtaken real sports as entertainment. CSGO is so popular that there are entire sub-esports of the game, of which Flick is just one of them. The maps convey the futuristic setting with a gritty, but mechanical theme.

Red Bull Flick game mode explained

While Red Bull Flick is clearly inspired by Wingman, but the matches won’t take place on any ordinary bomb site. Red Bull Flick uses a custom game mode that combines “king of the hill” modes found in other games with elements of popular community game modes. Teams start with 100 points that slowly tick away with every respawn.

Red Bull Flick uses a bunch of different maps, each with its own unique features. Some feature teleporters, speed boosts, and even curved walls for surfing. Players gain gear by walking over holograms placed throughout the map. There are three points of contention, which will rotate as the active point throughout the game. Taking control of the active point will pause the timer, and the first team to reach zero points loses.