Raze’s satchel can launch bot to blast enemies at elevated spots

Fariha Bhatti • August 19, 19:44

Raze’s satchel can be your secret weapon to detect enemies and damage them.

Aggressive duelist Raze isn’t just a damage dealer. She makes for an incredible initiator too. Her Boom Bot effectively garners intel and then blasts into the face of enemies, making them vulnerable. However, it has much more to offer when combined with her other powers.

A clip shared by a Valorant player Contz shows that Raze can combine her satchel and bot to find enemies at odd angles.

Raze’s bot is extremely powerful, thanks to its heavy damage potential and ability to chase enemies down. But its travel trail can be a bit tricky to handle. The mini robot travels in a straight line and only detects enemies that are in its line of sight. If you release a bot in front of an elevated enemy, it won’t deal damage and continue to move forward. This new trick allows you to stomp enemies from almost any angle.

Here’s how you can do it in-game:

  • Place your Blast Pack down, don’t activate it yet
  • Instantly equip Boom Bot
  • Throw Boom Bot in a way that it lands on top of the satchel
  • Press Q (activation key) as soon as the bot hits the satchel
  • The Boom Bot will reach a higher area with the satchel boost

While this may not come in handy every other game, it’s a helpful trick to know. Satchel’s are an expensive buy and serve many purposes. However, not everyone knows how to travel meters using double packs. So, if you’re a Raze main who doesn’t excel at movement, these tricks may help you squeeze full juice out of your buy. This particular tactic might help you clear an angle in a one versus situation, helping you cover more area.

This isn’t the first time her satchel has landed under the spotlight for its incredible mechanics. It can also be used to break automatic doors, finish off severely wounded enemies, and throw corpses across a small distance. Raze can also attach the abilities of different agents to her boom bot and carry it around the map.

In simpler words, the agent is capable of hilariously valuable tricks that may help make boring games fun.


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