Raze satchel Ascent

Raze can move corpses and it’s both hilarious and useful

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Raze is capable of flinging corpses in Valorant, and it’s a hilariously useful tool. 

Like most other shooter games, dead bodies in Valorant are stationary. Bullets can’t budge them from their initial spot which is important when playing as agents like Sage. However, there is a way to adjust the positions of corpses in a way that can help your team or just make you laugh.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players can shoot or throw a grenade to move guns around the map when they’re on the ground. Players often use this feature to pass equipment when they’re stuck in an awkward spot. However, dropped weapons and downed teammates in Valorant are immovable, unless you’re playing as Raze. 

Valorant players have discovered that Raze can use her satchel for moving bodies across a small distance. A clip shared by Redditor Shamoopy sees a player toss a pack onto rafters on a Reyna’s corpse, which drops down while still playing the Sentinels of Light kill animation that started upon her death. While it’s a funny little discovery, players can make it useful in ranked games. 

Testing it in custom servers show that bodies can be moved a maximum of 3 meters. It may seem like a small distance, but it can be a game-changer in certain situations. Bodies can be moved around cover, which can be a game-changer depending on which agents are still in play. 

To successfully pull it off, Raze player must have impeccable aim and timing. There isn’t much difficulty here either, as players just need to place the satchel at the right distance and angle and detonate it. This trick is tactically useful against Sage, Kay/O, and Cypher who all have abilities that utilize corpses. Sage may not need Raze’s assistance as much due to her Barrier Orb, but other agents can use this tip around a downed Kay/O.

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury can also be used to move corpses but it’s not recommended to waste an ultimate for this, basically under any circumstances. Conversely, the ability to do so with Raze for 200 creds is rewarding if it can help to seal a round win.. 


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