Raze player gets hilarious 2-on-1 clutch win from the grave

By Olivia Richman


Aug 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Pubstomper Raze is even able to get multiple kills when the agent is no longer alive. 

A competitive Valorant player shared a hilarious clip from one of their ranked games where they got a clutch win after being eliminated. The Reddit clip immediately got attention from the Valorant community due to the ridiculousness of what happened.  

“This has to be the best accidental win I’ve ever had in a comp game,” the player said. 

The accompanying video showed the Raze attempting to defend the Spike that was planted on Breeze’s A Site. Omen and Reyna from the opposing team were seen rushing to the site and attempting to defuse the Spike. Even though Raze was the only remaining player left on their team, they knew they had to take action to stop the two enemies. The player immediately released their Boom Bot and then threw their Paint Shells onto the site. 

But when Raze turned the corner, the agent was immediately gunned down. 

The Raze player was most likely frustrated at the fast elimination, but their disappointment didn’t last long. Mere moments after being eliminated, Raze’s powerful ultimate went off and wiped out both of the enemies standing near the Spike. This showed off the huge firepower Raze has, even after being killed. 

The lucky ultimate allowed Raze to win the round for their team from beyond the grave. 

Is Raze in Valorant OP?

While entertaining, a lot of Valorant players were frustrated to see Raze’s ultimate do such immense damage in an unlikely situation. A lot of players felt that abilities shouldn’t have such a big impact on the gameplay of a FPS. They especially weren’t fans of abilities killing enemies in a game where mechanical skills should be the main focus. 

This silly clip led to a debate between players that started demanding Riot nerf the damage of Raze’s abilities instead of just raising the costs. The situation drummed up the age-old discussion about the relative lack of importance of pure gunplay in Valorant when compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While definitely a funny clip, it’s open for debate whether something like this should even be able to happen in Valorant in the first place.


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