Rampart Town Takeover

Rampart Town Takeover coming to Apex Legends very soon

By Olivia Richman


Sep 6, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Apex Legends fans are seeing a lot of hints throughout World’s Edge that point to a brand new in-game event.

Signs popped up in Lava City earlier today that point to Rampart opening a mod shop as part of a Town Takeover featuring the sassy weapon modder. The sign reads “Renewal Plaza: Exclusive home to Parekh Modifications.” Rampart’s trademark signature is on each sign.

Parekh is Rampart’s last name. The sign also mentions Hammond Robotics, a company operating in the Outlands that is attempting to rebrand itself after being associated with heavily participating in the Frontier War.

When Rampart looks at a sign, she says: “Right. I’m well over others taking credit for my madness. Not this time.”

Well-known Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal has predicted that the Town Takeover will include weapons modified by Rampart and a possible return of the Graffiti Mod. This paintball gun mod was last seen in Season 5.

Not much else is known about the upcoming Town Takeover. But most collective events have challenges that allow players to earn cosmetics. Apex Packs specific to the event are also available as a collection for a limited time. Some collective events also prompt the release of a Story From the Outlands.

When is the Rampart Town Takeover coming to Apex Legends?

It’s currently unknown when the official launch of Rampart’s Town Takeover will be, but it could be very soon.

These events are often released alongside hefty patches around the middle of a season. Season 10 launched on August 3, so players are speculating that the new collective event, and patch 10.1, will be coming out around September 20. This would follow developer Respawn Entertainment’s usual schedule.

While these big updates are usually heavily anticipated by players, this one is shrouded in some controversy. Patch 10.1 will remove tap-strafing for good. Tap-strafing is used to make sharp turns in mid-air, something that pro players especially enjoyed utilizing during competitive play. Respawn said the tactic “lacks counterplay,” but players have generally been frustrated with the decision.


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