Quick tips and guides for Shattered Web Week 4 missions

By Nick Johnson


Dec 12, 2019

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s week four Shattered Web missions are a sniper’s paradise, but we’ve still got some quick tips that will help the stars roll in.

Shattered Web’s week four operation missions are all focused around the SSG 08 Scout and the AWP. While there’s a MAG-7 thrown in the mix for this week’s Guardian mission, snipers are king.

This week will be fairly simple for players familiar with the snipers, but for riflers it can turn into a long process. Here are some quick and easy tips to help players of all levels beat this week’s missions.

Shattered Web Week 4 Mission Tips

  • Scope It Out – Get 10 kills with the AWP in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma

As if Casual wasn’t already filled with AWPs, it definitely is this week. For the first two rounds, don’t buy anything. A P250 in round two can net you a kill or two, but it’s better to lose every round for the loss bonus than win. More money means more AWPs and more kills. 

Group Sigma has Vertigo and a reworked Cobble, but the other maps will be unfamiliar to some players. A quick run around them offline will work shave time off this mission. Players should also expect Nova campers around corners as they play catch up and try to finish the week one mission “Face Time.” Here’s a great early spot on Cobble.

  • Take an Off-Angle – Get 5 kills while you are airborne in Flying Scoutsman.

This mission is basically week three’s “Punching In,” except players have to be in the air for the kill. Jumping at match start is a bad idea. Instead, less skilled players should find some quick cover before jumping. While in the air, taking a shot and then immediately air-strafing back and forth will make players a harder target.

T side makes this easier, as the CTs actually have to protect the objective from a bomb plant. Players also shouldn’t be afraid to go for no scopes, as accuracy is greatly increased in Flying Scoutsman and they’ll hit them more often than they think.

  • Heaven Help Us – Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Train

Ten rounds on Train isn’t difficult, especially if players can grab a friend and learn one smoke and two flashes for the B site. First, flash ramp followed by a lower ramp smoke. Three burst ramp while the other two throw an upper popflash. One stays halls to cover the ladder flank, one plants, and the rest push the train lanes. 

On CT side, the B site is easier to retake and A is a pain to hold, so put three outside, an AWPer in connector, and one spotting ramp on B. Train is a hard map, but most players should grab ten rounds within two matches at most.

  • Tower Defense – Get 20 SSG 08 or MAG-7 Kills in Guardian: Cobblestone

The cooperative mission this week spawns one player in the Cobble tower and one behind the fountain. There’s an extra scout and a MAG-7 in the tower, as well. Ts rush from back halls and lower mid, meaning the scout should have an easy time. The AI is basically brainless this week, so with the fountain player distracting, its headshots all day long for the tower player.

This is easily the shortest Guardian mission yet. Players can always use the LFG system to find another player to finish this with. Just a quick tip, the Ts can and will come up the tower ladder and embarass players horribly. Trust us on that one.

  • Through the Looking Glass – Get 20 SSG 08 kills in a single Deathmatch: Defusal Group Sigma match

This is the “walk away from the computer and take a break” mission of the week. There’s really only one tip here.

Play in the off hours, especially during the week. Players can and should plan a day to stay up late, because this mission is way easier when the only other people in the server are bots. Deathmatch bots can still absolutely destroy a real player, though.

No scopes are less useful here than in “Take an Off-Angle,” but still decent on some maps. The real tip? Players should literally cover the mission progress section with a piece of paper or tape. Or just don’t look at it.

Once a player realizes they’re at 16/20 with five minutes left to go, they won’t hit another shot or spawn anywhere near a fight for the next four minutes and 30 seconds. This mission is frustrating, but if a player stays out of their own head and plays late at night or early in the morning, it’s way easier.

  • Scouting Mission – Get 5 SSG 08 kills in Danger Zone

For the final mission, players are going to have save up $3250 for the SSG 08. That’s the hard part. It’s more difficult than last week’s “spend $5000.” Picking the Bonus Explore perk is a good start, but players that don’t play Danger Zone might want to skip this mission and try it next week when the mission requires something crazy like melee kills.

If players are intent on staying on track, then camping and taking the cowardly kills are the way to go. Ultimately, players just need to bank $3250. That’s the actual hard part. Weapons with longer ranges are hard to come by, making even a bad Scout player deadly with the weapon when their opponants can’t retaliate.


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