Purple, red, and blue multiplayer explained in Salt & Sacrifice

By Kenneth Williams


May 17, 2022

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Salt & Sacrifice multiplayer can be cryptic, but you can tell a lot about an invader based on the color of their avatar.

As players dig into the Salt & Sacrifice multiplayer system, they may notice a few colorful strangers running around their world. Salt & Sacrifice has a complex multiplayer faction system that defines the goals of invaders. Those motivations are represented by different colored auras around their character. Here are the different multiplayer roles in Salt & Sacrifice.

Gold means friends in Salt & Sacrifice multiplayer factions 

If you’ve already started hunting down mages with friends, you’ve probably noticed the golden aura around their characters. This filter applies to players who join for cooperative game modes. The gold is there for password-guided summoning as well as Dawnlight matchmaking.

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Unlike in some other Soulslike games, there’s not really a way to fake a multiplayer faction in Salt & Sacrifice. That means that whenever you see a gold player outline, that character is guaranteed to be a friend. Helping hands will receive rewards from the mage hunt, making it a great way to farm certain items.

Red and blue multiplayer means combat, fair or not

While multiplayer factions offer plenty of ways to buddy up with other players, a red aura is a warning in Salt & Sacrifice. Multiple multiplayer factions have the sole goal of killing the host, but they go about it in different ways. Blueheart Runners buff nearby enemies and wear down the host while the Shroud Alliance takes a much more direct approach. If you see either, prepare for a fight.

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Getting invaded requires the host to already have a cooperative player in the world. This usually puts the invader at a disadvantage, but they can use enemies and the world to stage an attack. It’s also possible to duel solo players by using a Crimson Candle as the host. Players who prefer to be left alone can use a Censer of Harmony to turn normal enemies against the invader.

Purple Salt & Sacrifice players are here to sow chaos

The Chaos Hunger faction, which appears purple to hosts, is the weirdest multiplayer faction in Salt & Sacrifice. These players are allowed to do whatever they wish in the host’s world, either hunting them down or helping them fight. They even have access to a special bone box item that spawns random items or enemies. 

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The goal of the purple invaders is to either kill the host or convince them to open a bone box. The Chaos Hunger player can intentionally choose to give something good or bad, though they can also drop ambivalent boxes that are a mystery to everyone. As a technically PvP faction, Chaos Hunger players can only spawn if the host already has a visitor or is using a Crimson Candle.


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