PUBG update 26 introduces new vehicles and flare guns

Olivia Richman • February 28, 11:36

PUBG Corp is introducing new vehicles in its latest update. 

Update 26 introduces two new vehicles to its Vikendi map. The map exclusive Zima is a Jeep hybrid that can manuever the land’s snowy plains with four-wheel drive power. While it’s not the fastest mode of transportation in the game, it makes up for a lack of speed with high durability. Developer PUBG Corp said it will be ideal for combat situations. Players will no longer see the UAZs on Vikendi. 


The game’s standard motorbike will also be replaced by a Snowbike. With high speeds and great maneuverability, this new vehicle is perfect for covering large distances on the snowy terrain. Unlike the Zima, the Snowbike lacks durability, leaving players vulnerable in dangerous situations. 

A new item will also be available in public matches, the rare Flare Gun. 

“If you’re lucky enough to find a Flare Gun, fire it directly into the air after the initial blue zone has closed to call in a special care package,” said the official update. 

Available on all maps, the Flare Gun can bring players “lots of loot” or even an armord UAZ if fired outside the current safe zone. After some initial feedback following PUBG’s public Flare Gun tests, this item will now only deliver a care package when used after the first blue zone phase. Players will also see when opponents have successfully called in a special care package via a map icon. 

Update 26 is now live on all servers. 


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