PUBG pro player booted from tournament for racist language

Olivia Richman • September 11, 16:11

A PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS pro player by the name of BuYoHoo was suspended from the final day of the PCS2 ASIA tournament for “discriminatory speech.” 

PUBG Esports’s official Twitter account recently told followers that there was an active investigation into the Global Esports Xsset Ace player on day five of the tournament. When the investigation concluded, BuYoHoo was immediately suspended from PCS2. His team also had five points deducted from their overall tournament points. 

Following the announcement, PUBG Esports informed fans that a detailed account of the competitive ruling would be shared. 

In the official press release later published on BuYoHoo’s suspension, PUBG explained that he’d broken Rule 11-D during the fifth day of the PCS2 tournament during the fourth match. Rule 11-D is described as “discriminatory speech and harassment during a PUBG global esports event.” During the match, BuYoHoo had engaged in this behavior against their opposing team, Element.36 JAPAN, known as E36. 

According to fans on Reddit, BuYoHoo had said racist remarks about Japanese people in proximity chat. Proximity chat allows everyone in the plane at the start of the match to hear each other. Some PUBG viewers noted that proximity chat was allegedly disabled in the tournament, but others said that this may have only been true for observers. Even a caster joined in, stating that they “hear chatter” before they zoom away from players at the start of matches. 

PUBG racism suspended

On Twitter, PUBG viewers argued that the translation for BuYoHoo’s speech was incorrect. Instead, it seemed he may have simply said “fuck” in general. Even though other fans felt this could possibly be true, they noted that professional players should avoid any offensive language during a tournament, and that BuYoHoo should likely be disciplined either way. 


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