TaylorJay murder

Former PUBG pro TaylorJay dead after alleged murder attempt

By Olivia Richman


Aug 27, 2021

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A former PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds pro shot himself after after an alleged failed murder attempt and an ensuing hunt by law enforcement.

Taylor “TaylorJay” Jeffrey Jonnson shot himself after he learned that the Pennsylvania State Police were closing in on his location. The 24-year-old had fled from police, resulting in a five-hour manhunt. When police arrived at the scene, TaylorJay required medical treatment. But he couldn’t be saved from his self-inflicted wounds and was later pronounced dead.

According to PennLive, the state police were notified that TaylorJay was in Adams County in the afternoon. The police found the former PUBG pro’s vehicle abandoned along Route 234 a short time after. After searching for TaylorJay for several hours, the police finally approached him. But before police could reach him, TaylorJay shot himself.

“At this point, we were attempting to place him into custody. He had a firearm on him and shot and killed himself,” Pennsylvania State Police trooper Megan Ammerman told local media.

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TaylorJay was wanted for a homicide attempt after he was alleged to have shot a young woman multiple times the day before. According to the Daily Voice, the woman was believed to be TaylorJay’s ex-girlfriend. She was shot outside her home in North Carolina as a result of a “domestic dispute.”

TaylorJay played PUBG professionally between 2018 to 2020. During his short time as an esports professional, TaylorJay played for such esports organizations as United and Exodus. He earned a little more than $16,000 in prize money during his time as a pro.

Despite TaylorJay’s alleged attempt to murder his ex-girlfriend, many in the PUBG community were saddened to hear of the pro’s death. Under his older YouTube videos, many fans said “RIP” and that he would be missed by the PUBG crowd.


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